Oddity of Connection

30 sculptures disperse throughout the gallery; interacting with their environment, the audience and each other. Starting with the smallest creatures in ‘Fairy Ring’ the audience moves through the space, their understanding of the work and the creatures developing the more they encounter them. “its me” signals a turning point in the exhibition; form naturalistic and primal, to developed and engaged, the work from this point invites questions of intelligence and sentience, as they become larger.

Themes of empathy and human connections permeate this practice, as curation and interaction with the audience play a key role in the reading of these works. Myers utilises the human form as a canvas for people’s natural biases to project onto. The human form is itself a powerful means to connect due to our instinctual affinity towards representations of the human body. This coupled with our affinity for personifying objects, allows the artist to explore depictions of human life through non-human entities; broadening that boundary of connection and allowing the audience to empathetically relate with the works

Fungi itself resides in a space outside of the animal or plant kingdoms, it is a fundamental and vital part of life, and one of the most symbiotic of all relationships. This enquiry reflects that connection by bringing together the human form and mushroom imagery, through the medium of needle felt. Wool is the main component of the sculptures, allowing the organic nature of the material to reflect the proximity to the body.

Incremental Shift

This installation was my Degree Show; a group exhibition between the graduating Fine Art class of 2023 at Staffordshire University.

A full archive of this exhibition can be found at @incrementalshift on Instagram, and all artists featured in the show can be found below:

Abbie Lloyd

Aneta Joshi

Aysha Özer

Bridie May

Casey Mohan

Elliot Adams

Faith Fowler

Gracie Bethany Hawkins

Hannah Clarke

Ivy Rae Haile

Jade Evans

Jay Lovell

Kate Jones

Kite Myers

Laura Mae Williams

Lauryn Sennett

Lorna Lakin

Mat Clarke

Poppy Jools Deacon

Tamzin Brereton