About Me

Manchester born, Stoke-on-Trent based artist.

1/3 of croK. collective.


Sculptural Artist.

Passionate about art as a vehicle for social change, and speaking truth to power.

Kites practice utilises natural materials to explore humanity’s ability to create empathetic connections with anthropomorphic entities and depictions of the human form.

Fascinated by the concept of Ethnocentrism as an Anthropological theory - Kites main practice utilises humanoid forms, imbedded with mushroom imagery and creates unusual scenarios and manufactured meet-cutes between the work and the audience. Our connection with the human form is instinctual, this coupled with our affinity for personifying objects, allows the artist to explore depictions of human life through non-human entities; broadening that boundary of connection and allowing the audience to empathetically relate with the works.

Fungi itself resides in a space outside of the animal or plant kingdom, they are a fundamental and vital part of life, and the most symbiotic of all relationships. Kites practice reflects that connection by bringing together the human form and mushroom imagery, through the medium of needle felt.

Wool is the main component of the sculptures, allowing the organic nature of the material to reflect the proximity to the body.

About My Work