Experimental photography - outside the white cube, using props as well as environment to experiment with changing the readings of the work.

In this photography session, I focus was on capturing photos of my existing mushroom sculptures in a natural environment, away from the confines of a white cube space. By placing these sculptures outside, I aimed to observe how the surrounding colours, elements and landscapes interacted with the artwork, and if that changed the overall readings of the work.

Through the lens, I was able to capture the intricate details and texture of each mushroom sculpture, however there is an interesting juxtaposition between the sculptures and the natural environment - I found the sculptures read much more "alien" when outside, than they do when back-dropped with plain, clinical spaces, like a gallery.

Signal - Created as part of an upcoming exhibition with local arts organisation DUST Rising - this piece responded to the site of the exhibition, the Signal Box Goods Yard in Stoke-on-Trent. Material from the site and combined together to create this sculpture.

This piece was accompanied by a partner, who stood mirroring each other, one a look back at the past and history of the site, the other looking forward to the furniture of the site and the city,