Red, Amber, Green - Transporting the City

Red, Amber, Green - Transporting the City

An exhibition that explores the transport history of Stoke-on-Trent, centered around the Signal Box, Goods Yard and the road, train and canal links that were pinnacle in pushing Stoke into its industrial revolution. The work featured in the show will look back at the heritage of the site, a well as its regeneration, as the site is being renovated into a new, functional, communal space.

This exhibition is in collaboration with Capital&Centric and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, as a part of wider plans to bring more art a community to Stoke.

Exhibition is open 29th March - 31st April (Thursday - Sunday) Workshop Schedule found here

Other artists featured in the show include:

Joyce Iwaszko

Terry Shave

Korneilia Herms

Amy L Davis

Dawn Jutton

Sara Penny

Deborah Rogers

Paul Gosling (Gus)

Pete Smith

Denise O'Sullivan

Maddie Hughes